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  • Rotary Folding Machines for defined pleat heights


    • Machine control PLC Siemens S7-300
    • No conversion of scoring rollers (up to 9 scoring roller pairs are permanent ready for operation)
    • Pleat height in range from 10 to 60 mm
    • Working with (standard): 12",24",36",48"
    • Pleat distance with space coinage or Hot-Melt-Beads
    • Preheating up to 250C
    • Postheating at the pleating area
    • Running speed of flat material max. 60m/min
    • Longitudinal splitting and perforation unit
    • Automatic cross cutter

    This Rotary Folding Machine serves the full automatically produktion of filter
    packs consisting of Automotive Filter Papers, Ashrae, Hepa or Ulpa material.

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